Platech Participates in the First "Biotech 2024 Meeting" in Puerto Varas

As Platech, we are pleased to have participated in the «Biotech 2024 Meeting» in Puerto Varas. This event brought together prominent entrepreneurs, biotech entrepreneurs, investors, and venture capitalists to promote the Chilean biotechnology industry and lay the foundations for a national association. Organized by Endeavor Chile and Kura Biotech, the event was attended by around 90 people and addressed crucial issues such as the needs and challenges of the national biotechnology landscape, capital acquisition, talent search, knowledge development, and collaboration. Here are some reflections from our CEO, Patricio Ávila, following his participation in this event.

Could you tell us how this initiative was born and who was behind its organization?

This meeting arose from the initiative of a few players in the biotechnology industry in Chile. Among them were companies like Not Company and Botanical Solutions, which are doing an excellent job. Additionally, organizations like Endeavor, which was the main organizer, and Kura Biotech, along with various tech hubs, came together to bring together the most relevant players in the biotech sector in Chile.

What impact did this event have on the biotechnology community and what areas of biotechnology were discussed?

The event was crucial for getting to know each other better and understanding the reality of the biotechnology industry in Chile. Various topics were discussed, including the main focuses in the agricultural, agro-industrial, food, and genetic improvement sectors, and to a lesser extent, the healthcare sector, with biomanufacturing being a cross-cutting theme in the different areas.


This initiative allowed for the creation of networks, understanding of the ecosystem, and the search for answers to fundamental questions about the historical challenges and current needs of biotechnology companies.

What concrete results were obtained from the meeting, and how do you see the future of biotechnology in Chile following this event?

The main results of the event include the signing of participation intentions and contributions from over 40 companies. A committee was formed to act as the manager of this initiative. This new association could be successful due to the growth of the biotechnology industry in Chile.

You mentioned that there is a lot of willingness and initiative among the participants. How do you think this can influence the development of biotechnology in Chile?

Willingness and initiative are fundamental. There are many experienced individuals who are eager to contribute. By understanding how the ecosystem works and the reality of each company, we can go very far. The dedication and experience of these people will be key to developing a robust and sustainable biotechnology industry in Chile.

Any final message for those interested in biotechnology in Chile?

Biotechnology in Chile has great potential. With the right support, collaboration, and a willingness to innovate, we can significantly grow this industry.

I invite everyone interested to join this initiative and contribute to the development of biotechnology in our country. Additionally, I find it necessary to thank Endeavor and Kura Biotech for their enthusiasm and organization of this important event.