Miltenyi Biotec is a German company that provides products and services that drive biomedical research and stimulate cell and gene therapy. Miltenyi Biotec's products are used from basic research to clinical applications and are used in areas such as immunology, stem cell biology, neuroscience, cancer, among many others.

Platech supplies all the products of the MACSQuant® line including the Cell-Sorter Tyto®, the products of the MACSima™ line and research- and GMP-grade products.

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Miltenyi Biotec offers a wide range of fully validated antibodies for multiple applications including flow cytometry, microscopy, and functional assays.

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MACSQuant® flow cytometers are compact, high throughput, automated and comfortable, and allow for a wide range of applications. All have automatic calibrations and compensation, standardized and automatic data analysis. MACSQuant® cytometers have hands-free operation that allows you to load your samples, import your experiment settings and leave staining, data acquisition, and analysis on the flow cytometers, enabling a much more standard and linear workflow. In addition, all MACSQuant® flow cytometers have multi-instrument alignment that allows data to be harmonized with collaborating laboratories to ensure reproducibility.

It has the versatility and power needed for modern flow cytometry applications. Equipped with a range of automated features, whether it's extracting complex cells, analyzing the efficiency of your cell manufacturing process, or investigating signaling pathways.


1. Simple steps

Minimize the learning curve with easy experiment setup and operation.

2. Flexible test setup

Easily and immediately switch between tubes and plates with the click of a button.

Designed to expand the horizons of automated data acquisition with 16 optical parameters. The instrument's compact design is suitable for both basic research and advanced immunophenotyping applications. Provides the flexibility and benefits of the MACSQuant® Analyzer 10, with an additional 6 fluorescent channels to meet the growing demands of modern laboratories.


1. Expanded fluorescent channels

Extend your data with a choice of 14 fluorescence channels and an average of 40% less sample volume required.

2. Flexible test setup

Easily and immediately switch between tubes and plates with the click of a button.

Made to provide maximum speed and reliability in high-performance detection. Get more data, in less time, with less effort. Ideal equipment for laboratories that want to optimize time, while enjoying the certainty of obtaining reliable results in each run. The MACSQuant® X flow cytometer has been designed to meet the needs of high-throughput flow cytometry for the most challenging large-scale screening environments.


1. High impact projection

Robust flow cytometer capable of processing up to 9,200 samples per day.

2. Integration with liquid handling systems

Seamless integration into a variety of robotic liquid handling systems.

3. Miniaturization

Consistent results with an absorption volume as low as 5 µL per sample.

It combines performance, automation, compactness, and comfort, as well as including a uniquely configured optical bench, with violet, yellow and blue lasers. It’s a perfect match for laboratories using fluorescent protein indicators or for laboratories simply wanting to use PE and FITC conjugates.


1. Fluorescent Protein Analysis

Take full advantage of fluorescent proteins and indicator applications that require the violet, blue, or yellow laser, such as mCherry, GFP, and CFP.

2. Flexible test setup

Easily and immediately switch between tubes and plates with the click of a button.

Tyto® Cell Sorter

The MACSQuant® Tyto® is revolutionizing cell sorting from microchip-based technology, all in one easy-to-use, completely sterile cartridge. Cell sorting occurs when three lasers examine cells in high-speed, multi-parameter flow, but are gentle on cells at low pressure and lower shear forces. The MACSQuant® Tyto® provides in a single container, a simple and autonomous operation that allows classifying even the most delicate cells even in dangerous solutions, it is also equipped for GMP environments, for new standards of basic research and medical applications.

1. Total sterility

Samples are kept free of contamination within the fully enclosed MACSQuant Tyto disposable cartridge. There is no risk of fluid transfer or contamination.

2. Quick and easy handling

No drop delay or laser alignment needed. Simply insert the cartridge, open the cells, and order.

3. Completely safe

The fully enclosed cartridge prevents the formation of aerosols and droplets, providing a safe environment for the operator and the sample.

4. Gentle on cells

Classify and even reclassify cells at low pressure without compromising cell viability or functionality. The cells are no longer exposed to high pressure, load or decompression.

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Copyright © 2022 Miltenyi Biotec B.V. & Co. KG. All rights reserved.


(Ultra High Content Imaging)

Complete solution for experiments that require a large number of image acquisitions. At its core includes the MACSima™ Imaging System, a fully automated instrument based on fluorescence microscopy. Its MICS (MACSima™ Imaging Cyclic Staining) technology, along with a broad spectrum of ready-to-use recombinant antibodies, enables the analysis of hundreds of markers in a single sample, multiple samples at once. Convenient and easy to use, its sample holders are specially designed to examine any type of fixed sample, from tissue to single cells, and the powerful and intuitive Qi Tissue™ image analysis software makes for a truly innovative imaging experience.

Using MICS technology, the fully automated imaging system allows analysis of over 100 markers in a single sample, multiple samples at once.

1. Complete Imaging Platform

Complete, harmonized solution including instruments, optimized sample carriers, validated antibodies, and intuitive analysis software.

2. Hundreds of bookmarks in one sample

It allows obtaining ultra-high content data by analyzing hundreds of markers in a single sample.

3. Automated processing and images

Plan your experiment and leave the execution to the MACSima Imaging System.

4. Analyze any type of fixed sample

Obtain images of all types of fixed samples, be they tissues or individual cells, and perform any analysis imaginable.